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1st Annual Past Chair Luncheon

1st Annual Past Chair Luncheon
The Sylvester Worth County Chamber held its 1st Annual Chamber Past Chairs LuncheonMarch 18, 2016 at the Margaret Jones Library. Current Chair Kim Gilman welcomed the past chairs and thanked them for their past service and commitment to the Chamber. Events committee member And Chamber Director Lisa Dylinski aid the invocation and President/CEO Karen Rackley led the Pledge of Allegiance.   Past Chairs present were Kyle Tomlinson 2015, Judge Virginia Acord 2013, Amanda Parr 2012, Melanie Hurst 2008, Karen Spooner 2006, Pricilla Carter 2001, Joe Dinkel 2000, Dexter Wilson 1998-1999, Linda Harden 1995, Mayor Bill Yearta 1993, and Tommy Snipes 1991.  Karen then asked Past Chair Kyle Tomlinson to say a few words as well as asked every Past Chair present to say a few words about themselves. Everyone was then treated to lunch, which consisted of baked chicken, ham, dressing, green beans, field peas, yams and banana pudding from Jackson’s Soul Food and served by our Events Committee members.  The Events Committee members and Chamber Directors present were Chair Kim Gilman- Phoebe Worth, Past Chair Kyle Tomlinson, Sarah McCrary (Chair of events committee) Becky Geer, Issac Adams- Men’s United, Greg Williams- Con Agra, Lisa Dylinski- Family Connections and President/ CEO Karen Rackley.
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