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Now Hiring: Sylvester Computer Guy


NOW HIRING: Sylvester Computer Guy is now seeking a FULL-TIME employee for our sales desk! Applicant should be Trustworthy, Dependable, Teachable, have a High School Diploma / GED, own reliable transportation, and be able to work independently.

General job requirements include assisting staff as needed, assisting customers in the store and on the phone, and running errands. Specific duties include operating sales register, frequent standing to work, cleaning, stocking, occasional ladder climbing, lifting computer equipment / cases of paper, and using work checklists.

This is NOT a tech repair position, however, applicant should be familiar with using a computer (operating Windows 7, using Google Chrome, and utilizing word processors).

Interested applicants should bring a resume during store hours. Selected applicants will then be asked to schedule an official interview. Sylvester Computer Guy is located at 502 W Franklin Street, Sylvester GA 31791, and is open Mon-Fri 10:00a-6:00p

Sylvester Computer Guy is now seeking a FULL-TIME Sales Clerk

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Sylvester Computer Guy is now seeking a FULL-TIME Sales Clerk to begin work in January 2016! Wage starts at $7.25 with review-based raises at 30 days, 90 days, 6 mos, 12 mos, and yearly thereafter. Most importantly, applicant should be Trustworthy, Dependable, Teachable, have a High School Diploma / GED, and have reliable transportation.

General job requirements include assisting supervisors as needed, assisting customers in the store and on the phone, and running errands. Specific duties include operating sales register, frequent standing to work, cleaning, stocking, occasional ladder climbing, lifting computer equipment / cases of paper, and using work checklists.

This is NOT a tech repair position, so no repair expertise is required, however, applicant should be fluent with operating Windows 7, using Google Chrome, and utilizing word processors. Applicant will be expected to quickly learn common tech scenarios as to advise customers on the proper service path or product.

Interested applicants should apply in person with resume during store hours. After review, selected applicants will be asked to schedule a followup interview.

Sylvester Computer Guy Offers Exede High-Speed Satellite Internet

Technology from the Edge of Space Transforming U.S. Agriculture
Satellite Internet among advances that enhance farming and rural lifestyle

Tough, unpredictable, dawn-to-dusk work — this has defined the American farmer’s life for decades, and it’s not likely to change any time soon. What has changed – and changed dramatically – are the agricultural tools and technology. With this technology, many farmers are able to produce better yields with less waste, leading to improved profitability.

Interestingly enough, what’s driving improvements in the farm fields is technology from the edge of space. Satellite technology, specifically GPS applications, are responsible for the growth in precision farming, which is being used for everything from planning and field mapping to tractor auto-steering and planting to post-harvest analysis.

Satellite technology is also responsible for significant improvements in broadband communication on farms and in rural communities across the U.S. Historically, these areas have had limited service options, often relying on dial-up Internet, which establishes a connection through telephone lines. Early innovators in satellite Internet, such as WildBlue, recognized the potential for rural areas and began to offer the early generations of the service, which was 30 times faster than dial up – sufficient in 2005 but slow by today’s standards.

ViaSat, a company that had successfully developed satellite and digital communications for government and commercial markets, recognized the value in bringing high-speed Internet to underserved communities. In 2009, the company acquired WildBlue and began preparing for the launch of the world’s most powerful communications satellite, ViaSat-1.

Following the successful launch of ViaSat-1 in late 2011, ViaSat introduced Exede high-speed Internet in early 2012. This new service offers breakthrough reach and speed, covering 80 percent of the U.S. population and virtually all areas east of the Mississippi River. Exede Internet provides download speeds of up to 12 Mbps – eight times faster than the original WildBlue service and at least twice as fast as typical DSL service in many areas.

For farmers, ranchers and the agri-business community, Exede Internet has been a game changer, providing real-time access to email as well as web pages that can provide weather, market and commodities information, crop production information and general agricultural news.

This high-speed connectivity is also critical for succession planning. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, family farms account for about 98 percent of all farms in the U.S. Many point out that farmers’ children are more likely to consider staying on – or returning to the farm – if technology is integrated into all aspects of their business and personal life.

There’s also little doubt that the availability of high-speed Internet is central to prosperous rural communities. Younger families who want to get away from the urban fray as well as a growing number of retirees who prefer to relocate to quieter, picturesque rural areas all want access to high-speed internet.

Whatever the motivation for living a rural lifestyle, many will benefit from continued advances in satellite technology. If the past 10 years are any indication, the pace of change will only accelerate. ViaSat is already planning the launch of a new satellite in 2016, which is expected to provide higher levels of coverage and capacity, which translates to more bandwidth. And that will mean more productive farms and businesses, more connected families and more prosperous rural communities.

Sylvester Computer Guy Now Offering DirecTV


Can’t get cable? Looking for a switch to something else? Want a local satellite television dealer?

We can help you!

Sylvester Computer Guy is now an Authorized DirecTV Dealer, so come by our location to see what we can offer you.

229-234-2317 | 502 W Franklin Street, Sylvester GA 31719

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Sylvester Computer Guy Opens Second Location In Ashburn

In an effort to bring tech service access to more people, Sylvester Computer Guy opened a new location on October 1, 2014, in Ashburn to serve the Turner County area. The new location is called BetterTech, and continues to share much of the branding imagery of its sister store, as well as many of the offered services and products, including the much appreciated Affordable Ink Wall. Highlights of the new location include a dedicated room for its Copy Center, Free Public Wifi, convenient proximity to the area’s Courthouse, Post Office, and Chamber of Commerce, and ample sunlight shining through the corner store’s 6 large windows. A Ribbon Cutting is scheduled for October 25, 2014 at 11:00a, and all are invited to be in the photo, have some snacks, and win some door prizes!



BetterTech Ad - Worth

Sylvester Computer Guy Becomes Carbonite Silver Partner

Sylvester Computer Guy is now a Carbonite Silver Partner. This is an upgraded level of accreditation from that of an Authorized Dealer, and represents achieving minimum sales goals in addition to abiding by the dealer terms and business guidelines. Cloud data backup is an essential part of any computing experience where your files, images, and data are important, and is something we are extremely passionate about. If you are not utilizing a cloud backup solution, give us a call, drop by our store, or view our online Carbonite Portal where you can start your free trial now!

Feel free to also read our previous Authorized Dealer Announcement for additional information about why Carbonite is a trusted name in the cloud backup sector.

Protect your files with Carbonite today!

Sylvester Computer Guy
Carbonite Silver Partner
502 W Franklin Street

Sylvester Computer Guy Re-Qualifies As Microsoft Registered Refurbisher


The 1st and only in the region, again!

Another local accomplishment to put Sylvester on the map, the Sylvester Computer Guy is the first and only Microsoft Registered Refurbisher in the county and the region (the nearest being Columbus, Byron, and Valdosta). This mean we are poised to provide certified refurbished systems to not only our own Worth County customers, but also to neighboring  Albany and Tifton clients looking for a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher as well! This certification is effective through September 2016.

A partner you can trust.

All Microsoft Registered Refurbishers go through a thorough application process with Microsoft. Before granting the status of Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, Microsoft reviews and confirms the validity of each application and requires that Microsoft Registered Refurbishers submit regular reports and undergo audits.

The value of genuine Microsoft software.

Our refurbished PCs come preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software, giving you the confidence of having a system that helps you:
• Keep your computer running smoothly, because genuine Microsoft software gives you access to downloads, updates, and enhanced features.
• Avoid downtime and lost data that can occur when counterfeit software malfunctions.
• Protect your systems from the dangers of counterfeit software that can expose users to security risks, including viruses and spyware.
• Be in compliance with authentic and properly licensed Microsoft Windows software.
• Additionally, we will also activate and run through the first bootup process for you, as well as performing our optimization service, all before you pick up your system!

We offer affordable and reliable refurbished PCs.

If you are looking for ways your business or organization can enjoy the benefits of owning a PC that fits within your budget, consider refurbished PCs from the Sylvester Computer Guy, a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. A refurbished PC purchased through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher gives you an affordable system that is preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software. With a refurbished PC you can:
• Immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of PCs throughout your business or organization, without breaking the budget.
• Stretch your budget and expand the number of PCs you can buy.
• Have the confidence of knowing that your PC has been professionally refurbished— wiped of all of the previous owner’s data, repaired, tested, and then preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software.



Sylvester Computer Guy is located at 502 W Franklin Street, Sylvester GA 31791, and may be reached at 229-234-2317. Further information may be found at www.sylvestercomputerguy.com

Sylvester Computer Guy Back To School Special

School is just around the corner, which can mean only one thing: A Back to School Special!

We know that many students need their first laptop, upgrade laptop, laptop without Windows XP, or replacement for the laptop that was accidentally dropped into that really great resort pool over the summer, so to take the sting out of this necessary purchase and to help with those inevitable file swaps back and forth, we are giving away a FREE 4GB flash drive with each purchase of a laptop from now through August 1st!!

We have Desktop towers in stock starting at $225 and laptops starting at $299.99, all installed with Windows 7, free antivirus software, fully optimized, and FirstBoot Ready, and with dual core processors with performance scores above 1000 so you know that you’re getting a GOOD machine that’s ready to go. Need MS Office 2013? We can sell you that as well, or we can show you how to use the online version for free!

Offer open to everyone, not just students!

Photo Jul 22, 11 01 32 AM

Sylvester Computer Guy Offers Chamber Mini Webpage Setups for $50

If you are a Sylvester-Worth County Chamber of Commerce business member that would like to take advantage of your free mini page benefit, but would rather someone else do it for you, we can set it up start-to-finish for just $50, like we have for many other members! Find out more HERE

Sylvester Computer Guy Celebrates National Small Business Week With Carbonite Promotion


Chamber Business Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30am to 5:30pm
122 N Main Street
(229) 776–7718
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