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Zika virus update 3

Zika virus update 3

February 12, 2016


New developments

·         The World Health Organization reports a commercially-available test for the early diagnosis of Zika could be available in weeks rather than years

·         Venezuela reports 3 deaths believed to be associated with Zika infections

·         The Journal of American Medical Ophthalmology announces vision problems linked to Zika; the CDC’s interim guidance to help clinicians assess and manage babies born with Zika infections includes recommendations for ophthalmologic testing before hospital discharge or within 1 month after birth

·         Two new microcephaly studies documented Zika virus in fetal tissue, strengthening a possible link between the two conditions

·         Obama seeks $1.8 billion for Zika response (covering both domestic and international actions)

·         Disease investigators suspect Zika may have been introduced to South America by sports enthusiasts who were infected by mosquitoes in Asia at events, then traveled to events across the globe; there they were bitten by the same species of mosquito, which introduced the virus into the vulnerable human population

·         Two U.S. women miscarried after being infected with the Zika virus, according to the CDC

·         National Institute of Health officials say they will begin human trials of Zika vaccine in the summer


US Zika cases

As of Feb. 10, 2016


Travel Associated—52

Locally Acquired—0


Arkansas 1; California, 2; Delaware, 1; District of Columbia, 3; Florida, 16; Georgia, 1; Hawaii, 4; Illinois, 3; Massachusetts, 2; Minnesota; Nebraska, 2; New Jersey, 1; Ohio, 1; Oregon, 1; Pennsylvania, 2; Texas, 10; Virginia, 1.


Puerto Rico has 8 locally-acquired cases and 1 travel-associated case.

U.S. Virgin Islands has 1 locally-acquired case.


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